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Uniting Cultures Through Literature & Art

"He who is different from me does

not impoverish me -he enriches me.

Our unity is constituted in something higher

than ourselves - in Man...

For no man seeks to hear his own

echo, or to find his reflection in the glass.” 


                             ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Fiction & Nonfiction

Pushcart Prize Nominees 2022


Elexander Plutarcho Galan, "Vadim"

Reviews & Interviews

An interview with American Professor Richard Sears, a Specialist in Chinese language and culture by Rachid Filali


celebrating arab.jpg

Lisa Ratnavira, 

Braiding Sweetgrass,” “In Order to Reminisce...,” "Weebale Uganda," "Observation at Mabamba Swamp,"

"When Considering a Move,"  "Gorilla Advice,"  "A Psalm of Sibling Loss," & "Is it really time?"

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