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Anjana Basu




Lissome as a willow

draped in six yards of sighs

 heel taps calling the earth to attention on a slow spring afternoon

 the heat about to ebb

and the sunshine and shadows

 streaking the grass the colour of your hair

 the cause you say is poetry

with a knowing smile in your eyes

and the words shimmer in the post noon air

villanelles and sonnets

motets in the sunlight

a cause on a still afternoon

no one listens their eyes brim over with silk and smiles

the clock hands spread wide

as your heels tap their coquettish minuet

and your pursed scarlet lips breathe a promise

a kiss that blinds

while in the dust the poems

whisper  outrage

la belle dame sans merci

and other such platitudes

no one hears




the air is a fish 

it carries the water and scent fresh caught from the arabian sea 

the sky is oyster pale 

and sheds heavy grey pearls 

that hit the heart 

and  rap on the window pane in a spatter

juliet opens her eyes

tears spilling in sympathy

with that great threshing  air fish

twisting and turning through sky waters 

silver spiralling through the grey and pearl

and green cloud mirrors 

flashing flickering

weeping pearls


Anjana Basu works as an advertising consultant in Calcutta. She has had a book of short stories published by Orient Longman, India, the BBC has broadcast one of her short stories and her poems have featured in an anthology brought out by Penguin India. She has appeared in The Antigonish Review. The Edinburgh Review and The Saltzburg Review have also featured her work.

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