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Bobbi Sinha-Morey




Longleaf Pines


Below the longleaf pines

the curved, foot-long needles

have woven a thatch-work

quilt; not of patches, but

of threads. On a day made

quiet by the rain, roses wet

and berries juicy red, I look

up at the sky, its promise of

pastel blue. I feel like a mea-

dow where the bees hum,

dust burning golden or violet,

spread by the wind. Given

a crust of hope, that’s all I’ve

ever wanted, to be as organic

as the whorl of seeds in a

sunflower or the spiral of a


Every Sunrise


In the winter, shadowed

by the red dawn, she listens

to the silver language of

the trees, the blush of life

in her hands and face,

her cyan eyes; inside their

depths drops of sapphire,

a God’s-eye view of her

soul. She walks barefoot

in the fluttering eyelids

of an awakened world,

the eastern sky above lit

by the soft rays of solar

flame, a bouquet of light

swirling in the welkins

and the easel of her mind.

Every sunrise butterflies

are winging the air about

her with jeweled grace.

Beyond her touch,

beyond her life, patience

as her friend, she measures

the paths of time.

Winter Light


Not to waken her, he softly

shuts the door, leaning

against it for a spell. Half

the day he spent with her;

an unfinished game of chess,

fiddling with the tiny pairs

of statues in their hands.

It was only important to

smile and hold still, folded

up together as if they were

silk. They have been honest

all their lives; careful, calm,

never in haste; and, when

he looks at her from the

doorway, the sky’s winter

light quells whatever he

might say. She moves him

like soft words, so ladily

serene  in bed, a snow globe

on her nightstand. Sometimes

he’d see her turn it over in

her palm, watching it snow

in another life.

poet Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Bobbi Sinha-Morey is a poet living in the peaceful city of Brookings, Oregon. Her poetry can be seen in places such as Pirene's Fountain, Orbis, Open Window Review, Taproot Literary Review, and The Path, among others. Her books of poetry are available at

and  In addition, Bobbi´s 
website is located at 

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