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Daniela Voicu

My soul a Walhalla


in midair,
sharp spears stuck
in the wings of other people
pick me on tiptoe

all the wounded who have tattooed
last poem of love
on hope,
catch my hands

with eyes inside me
I gather my fists
with a last prayer - question
me too?

Daniela Voicu is a Romanian poet, novelist and painter.  Her poems, interviews and articles have been published in more than 50 jurnales and magazines, Agero Stuttgart, New York Magazine, Maintenant 7, Poetic Diversity, Pirene’s Fountain, Romanian Pages in New Zeeland, Pheonix Mission and much more. In various anthologies,  including Tears of Ink, The Poetry of War and Peace, Words on the Winds of Change, Just a Dream and Reflections on a Blue Planet etc. And her poetry collections include, Poems of Angels (2006), Blue in Vitro (2012), Surfing Silence (2012), Windows Without Dreams (2012), Sky Hands (2013) Vulnerable Breeze (2013) Sunset and Love ( 2013), Plan for seduction (2014), and Tatto Time (2015). Her first novel Silence will appear at the end of 2015.


In 2009, she founded the international journal of culture and literature, Cuib Nest Nido; and in 2011 she founded the international poetry festival of music and contemporary art, The Art of Being Human and poetry group with the same name. She edited in 2013-2015, 14 volumes of The art of being human International Poetry Anthology in English and in Romanian.


Since 2009, she has been a member of the Writers' League of Romania.


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