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Eira Needham

Indian Summer


Spirit veiled in mist
swirls, rushing back
to kiss my cool cheek.
Gushing warmth seduces.
Swallows linger
in brittle reeds.

Though daylight dwindles,
shadows vanish; lips lift
teased by sultry caresses.

We waltz
in a kaleidoscope
of copper and lime,
leaves flurrying across
baked terrain.

East wind blasts
a spangled rime -
vaporizing into brume.

When the Clock Chimes


You wear a smiling mask for my

arrival, beyond which I glimpse 

torment engraved across your brow.


Compassion drains its syringe

plumping solace pillows - Bright Eyes 

plays softly, floating like a dream.


Outside, a northerly blusters through the pines;

time chases us through shadows

its faint tick-tock reaching into night.


I roll back the fun times we shared,

remember when laughter glinted your eyes,

until the crab nibbled it all away.

Morpheus' Tryst


Fancy a glass of Beaujolais?


Both snug on the sofa 

I chuckle at his banter

until the clock's chimes

suggest we whisper



He fingers my ring -

yet bold lips brush mine;

a lingering feather-touch,

tantalizingly tender


leaving me gasping

as we sway in the doorway,

wide eyes scribbling messages;



Warm breath tickles my neck;

smothered in sinfulness

I crave more,

                      then jolt awake

                              my heart drumming
 to warblers' early serenade.

My man sleeps -

I turn back to doze


           to dream again.

Glimpses of  My Mother After Umpteen Years


By chance I catch a glimpse of her,

salt and pepper waves kissing

cyan ripples about her neck.


A thousand Lepidoptera tickle

anticipation, until she whirls

around revealing an unfamiliar smile.


As I exhale they burst out

of my ribcage in a rush, transporting

all desires to an obscure realm.


One gatekeeper flutters back

hovering nearby

then settles on my lifeline.

Eira Needham is a retired teacher, living in Birmingham UK. Her poetry is eclectic and has been published in print and online. Recent and forthcoming publications are in, Voices From The Web 2015, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and The Linnet's Wings. She has also been Featured Writer in WestWard Quarterly.

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