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Elexander Plutarcho Galan



The prison adrift,

in fog of war…


Where phantom limbs intently

cup, the curating warden’s lips

with credible mirages

excavated of vacant echoes,

confined at the servant’s barracks

content to exploit


in unquelled conquest

to remedy the untimely collapse

of all that was accepted

before the old regime

regained a foothold,


and killed the prisoner

weeping in solitary


aspiring to be

something     – more  hopeful

than pink viscera

goose feather pillows;


ampersand hopeless pleas


in the penance gallery.

me. It's easy.


Remixing compassion with frustration, free association,
mystical, history, abstractionism,ecology, the cosmic, prospects for the future and plays on multiplicity into his own enigmatic blend of augmented expressions and dream-like imagery; Author, Poet, Broadside Artist, Elexander Plutarcho Galan commingles images, art, esoterica, duality and metaphysics in an urgent blend of prophetic surrealism with humanity as his muse.

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