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Isa Peraldi

For Lil' Red Photography
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Isa Peraldi (LIL RED PHOTOGRAPHY) is a French photographer and a story lover. She dedicated twenty years to writing novels and poetry before deciding to pursue storytelling in a different way – with light. She has worked with fashion designers and published for the first time in GAZELLE MAGAZINE In 2013. In addition, art lover Mia Feigeison has promoted her photographs, and her photo albums of Venice and Santorini have met lovers world-wide. In 2013, “LOVE IS ETERNAL”, her black and white photo collection premiered, followed by the 2014 photo cover of OPIATE, the Pushcart Prize-nominated poetry collection from Kristen D. Scott. In 2015, one of her photographs has been selected and printed in a book exposed at LE LOUVRE MUSEUM, in Paris (by SEE ME Challenge). Money for the books has been given to build schools in Africa.


Her photography is described as sensual and mystical. She is inspired by poets such as Rumi, Garcia Lorca, Hafez, Mallarmé, and Camus, as well as impressionists and surrealism is also for her a form of infinite inspiration (DALI).


Since 2016, Peraldi has been wandering with her lens in Portugal, (Lisbon and more recently, Porto), in 2018 Malta, in 2019 Oia and Fira (in Santorini Island). According to Peraldi, the islands are the perfect representation of infinity, when the sky embraces the sea and blends into the flaming sunsets. Peraldi page on YOUPIC, launched in 2016, has now reached more than 4 million views. She is also ranked number one in France for FINE ART and BLACK AND WHITE categories And runs 2 pages on Facebook, one dedicated to her work with models, and one for landscapes. Since February 2019, You can now buy her work through EYEEM Platform, and more than 150 photographs have been already selected by EYEEM curators for their market and commercial partners (GETTY IMAGES/ADOBE…).


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