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Isabella Peraldi's, "Portraits"
Model: Elena

Isabella Peraldi is a French photographer and a story lover. She dedicated twenty years to writing novels and poetry before deciding to pursue storytelling a different way— with light. 


She has worked with fashion designers and published for the first time in GAZELLE MAGAZINE in 2013. In addition, art lover Mia Feigeison has promoted her photographs and her photo albums of Venice and Santorini. They have met lovers worldwide.


In 2013, “LOVE IS ETERNAL," her black and white photo collection dedicated to love through old age premiered, followed by the 2014 photo cover of OPIATE, the Pushcart Prize-nominated poetry collection from Kristen D. Scott. Her LOVE IS ETERNAL photo collection has become a permanent exhibition.


In 2021, one of Peraldi's photos was featured on the Cover, on YOUPIC photography site, where she now has more than 11.7  millions viewers on her page. This  Cover has been seen all around the world, and one of her dreams, to make her photography travel, has now become reality.


She wants more, to promote women's beauty all around the world, at any age, and fight all the cliches about age and beauty.


Her photography is described as sensual and mystical.


She is inspired by photographers such as Saul Leiter, Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Annie Leibowitz, Eve Arnold…and so many others.


Peraldi´s world is infinite,  infused with passion, books, music …..and has no limits. She says that photography is an eternal school for learning, observing, and loving life and nature.


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