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J.M. Coze 

Photography Story: Minneapolis 



Minneapolis, Minnesota (and some St. Paul, too).


A decade of phone photography celebrating the scalable underpinnings of humanity around us and common spaces that bring us common joy. There is something (multiple somethings) so absolutely stunning about this city that it's flooring, and I'm not one of those 'people let the world pass them by because they're busy TWEETING!' folks - hello, photographer here - but I do think we all have a tendency to live in our own heads, and I think that often manifests in us not taking the time to stop and breathe in the sheer wonder of our collective accomplishments.


Hence all of these photos taken, all of them from street or skyway level, simply marveling at what's around us. Because there's a lot to marvel at. We're surrounded by sky-scraping engineering marvels daily. Every massive, looming hunk of polished steel or brick-and-mortar architecture was built - both by and for human hands.


Basically, the Twin Cities are beautiful, and I aim to celebrate that as much as possible.


Addendum: Every photograph comes from a mobile phone of varying pedigree. So, why PHONE photography? Necessity-turned-artistic-statement, that's why. When I began and for many years after that, there was absolutely no way I could have afforded a camera. Through that, though, bloomed both a funky-happy sense of identity and an intense love for the medium. You don't need a thousand dollar lens to capture what makes you feel alive. All you need is the will, a hand-held conduit, and your own joy-seeking eye.


J.M. (Jé) Coze is, as the thankful result of a long and convoluted family history, a Minneapolis native. They're also absolutely obsessed with downtown Minneapolis. Not to brag, but as of late last year, they've officially explored every single skyway path open to the public, and frequently make stops along their own well-trodden skyway routes for things such as local tea and groceries. Meandering through and marveling at the streets pulled them out of a previously inescapable depressive funk, retaught them how to reconnect with and be awed by the things around them, and instilled in them an absolute adoration of the city. They also use they/them pronouns and enjoy the sense of mystery that it instills.


The project is live and ongoing @minneapol.ism on Instagram, and they can be contacted directly either through direct messages or at their website, jmcoze.com.