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Kelle Grace Gaddis

Disparate Moments


Later we’ll learn that the dog's foot was caught and bleeding in a trap.

For now, a murder of crows has captured my attention as they swoop

at the grey-eyed goat that’s eating what’s fallen under the apple tree.

Beyond the evergreens workers have put tape around the trunks of trees,

soon we’ll see the cars that we hear rolling on the road.

I’m in the kitchen looking out the window as the steam from the dishes

obscures your lean form as you walk the drive to get the mail.

You’ll gather that waste of advertising and our bills and you’ll come back

with unexpected news from Ireland, some good, some sad. After a bottle of wine has made us young again we’ll laugh late into the night and call ourselves “country sophisticates” for listening to Pavoratti’s Nessun dorma.

But all of this is hope and imaginings. In this moment I’m alone and dread’s invisible hands have entered my chest. And even though it’s reasonable to think that everything will be all right, I place my hand over my heart.

Kelle Grace Gaddis received her undergraduate degree in Culture, Literature and Arts and her MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington. In 2014-2015 she published work in Clamor Literary Journal, Knot Literary & Arts Magazine, Dove Tales Literary Journal and Blackmail Presses 37th Edition. She is proud to have been chosen as one of Seattle’s “Poetry On Buses” poets, her work appears on Seattle buses beginning in March of 2015. Ms. Gaddis also won a top prize in Poetry.org’s National Poetry Contest in 2004 and she is currently a finalist in a national Chapbook Contest, the winner will be announced in September of 2015. Kelle Grace performs regularly at Hugo House open mics in Seattle, Washington and at other venues in and around the Seattle area.