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Khaloud Al-Muttalibi





Debating Love


This sphere, at the heart of death

Leaves you hanging

Above the ground and beyond it

Leaves you dangling

In a freakish debate

In the thickest forest of your ingratitude

Under a rain of heavy words, of deadly bullets

I fall between the thread of your web

Clutching with fingers

Through which sacrifices pass

And to which the Gods cling to

Before their sleep

My hands that ooze of you

Bring you back to me in a full circle

My hands that gather the mist in the early morning

Take you back, in the evening, to my glass

Here I am the prophetic wine in deserted heavens

I am the red confusion of deja-vu

Each time the darkness engulfs you

I secretly shine upon you

The wind cannot disperse you

Or pluck out the clouds that pour you inside me


Khaloud Al-Muttalibi is a poet and translator. She is the author of eight books including A Void, Full Of You. She resides in the United Kingdom. 

Much of her work has been translated into various languages including Russian, Punjabi and Romanian. Her poetry has been published in a vast array of worldwide literary magazines and journals, both in print and online. She has appeared in several books and anthologies.

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