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Kristen D. Scott



Sand and Stone

 (for Zafer)


When you appeared on my skin

it was the season of cherries

              warm tumescent grapes

and quarter- turned moon


olives gazed over

              ripened  rooftops,

the hillsides,

swollen with their oil;


oh, lithe, verdant



stars told narratives through

their ancient glyphs-

whispered secrets

                  etching them across

my breasts,

and your chest

held the cuneiform of lovers

recorded books of sages


the sands washed too many

away with every recurring tide,

but you and I,

are together stone


Kristen D. Scott  is a nominee of the Pushcart prize in poetry for five works from her 2014 collection OPIATE. She is  an award-winning essayist for her work on Federico Garcia Lorca and his books the Divan del Tamarit, Poet of the Deep Song, and essay, "The Duende." 


She has published in several Anthologies, newspapers, and ezines, including the San Diego Poetry Annuals, Nomos Review, Perigee, Alesbuyia, and published two poetry collection from Garden Oak Press; LIAISONS (2012) and OPIATE (2014). She has also been translated into Arabic, Albanian Türçe and Sanskrit. Her recent publication was featured poet in MeArteka (May, 2015) where she had several poems translated into Albanian. Her new and selected poems are forthcoming from Garden Oak Press in September 2015. 


Scott is currently the Editor-In-Chief, founder, and web designer

of KNOT Magazine, holds a MFA in Creative Writing, MA in English Literature, and is progressing with her Ph.D in Global Education and Comparative Literature.


Originally from Colorado, Scott has resided on the Riviera in Türkiye, where she has lived for several years.

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