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Sure As This Moment


Your love supersedes my insecurities. 

Purges the stale void of doubt.


What are we but children playing

under the gaze of a smiling moon?


My body’s cells blast off one by one.

Each fueled by sweet visions of another adventure.


Our meeting here, notes of an enchanting melody.

Sure as this moment, we stand naked in mystery.





Run a finger across its smooth surface


every morning


to remind yourself


that you are grateful


for everything you would not trade


for all the jewels in the world 





Lahab Assef Al-Jundi






San-Antonio based poet Lahab Assef al-Jundi is the son of acclaimed Syrian poet Ali al-Jundi. The younger Al-Jundi writes poetry, mainly in English, that transcends ethnic themes to address issues of universal significance. Both political and personal, his richly evocative poems reveal a refined consciousness, a keen perceptiveness, and a serious engagement with humane concerns. While widely published, Al-Jundi’s Arab- American presence was particularly voiced through the ground-breaking anthology “Inclined to Speak,” edited by Hayan Charara (2008).


The latest collection of his poems, titled “No Faith at All”, was published earlier this year by Pecan Grove Press.






It is a leap of meaningful proportions


when one admits to self




but it is precisely because of


the nature of that knowledge


that one should not use it


to evaluate others!

Assef Al Jundi KNOT Magazine
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