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Linda Woolven



Silence of Nothingness


Weak light

falls across the table

pale light,

lacking warmth.


She sits with

her unsheltered thoughts,

her feet in their thick slippers,

her hands

avoiding the lipstick trail on her cup.


She is alone,

watching the dust that swirls

when the ancients rads come on.


Adding their heat,

a noisy voice

like so many angry words

to the illusions in her head.


She fingers her childhood

in absent hope,

discarding one faded picture

after another,

sees herself in her

chrome toaster,

so much older now,

so humbled by time

and disappointment.


The endless cups of coffee

curse through her

forcing her heart to beat

with something

that almost feels

like excitement again.


So, she it addicted.


She pours another cup,

applies another coat of paint

to her tired mouth,


she needs no mirror for this

old act.


Outside the street noises

crumble her sense of calm.

She must reassemble herself

and go to work,

to live,

last another day.


She fears the few left

she has

despite all the emptiness,

the staleness of her suffering.


Worse still,

to suffer

the silence of nothingness

near the end.





curling and peeling,

no longer glossy,

some details fade,

haze, into indigo,

the distant place

all past

recedes to.


Like the hairline of age.

View from a Window



the hills haze into

distant indigo

as the sun caresses

and touches nearby,

warms with red,

kisses with orange,

the golden light

of shadow.


Shadows crawl

and creep

in bruises

of pale purple and blue,

long and elusive

as the day turns

to move faster.


But I can still

hear the distant thunder,

the growls and hisses

in the trees,

as the water dance



Lightly, gentle,

with pointed toe,

turns heavy, ponderous,

like many feet turned to




Linda Woolven has published over 75 poems in journals across Canada, the United States and the U.K.. The poems have appeared in journals like, Dana Literary Society, Amethyst Review, Write On, Sepia Poetry Magazine, New Mirage Quarterly, The Kaleidocope Review, Canadian Writer's Journal, Pink Chameleon and Fullosia Press.


Woolvens poem received an award from Dana Literary Society. she has also published a chapbook, called "Life's Little Lessons" 2 summers ago that featured 26 poems. 


She has also published a short story in Happy, and a story in Characters. Three more stories are due out soon.


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