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Maria A. Arana

lips touch…


lips touch

melting hearts

his flutters in tune with her kisses



appendages mix sacred juices

reserved for nourishments

tense shoulders loosen

feet travel to the moon on

soft red rose petals

christening their landing



words only get in the way

What if the Night?


its corners covering

not seen characters




             joining hands

watching stars disappear

as giant buildings loom

             over us

accenting unnatural light

detailing our descent

             to dark holes

each of us hanging

             by threads

bumps growing

             on our backs

deforming our bodies

yet asking for perfection

when perfection

doesn’t exist in nature

it hasn’t

since the Big Bang

moon over belly button…


moon over belly button

sun over eyes


blind giraffe

cradling storm


earth shivers

under hooves


soft soil- chocolate powder

tastes bitter when pure


waves curl and dine

without whispers


bombarding my skin

belly button rocks


mind over lava-

fiery heart swelling


leaving lumps where

there should be none


Maria A. Arana is a teacher, writer, poet, and editor. Her poetry has been published in various journals including Spectrum, The Gonzo Press, and The Kleksograph. You can find her at and

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