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Maria Castro Dominguez

Raw meat

he walked out one night

unbuttoned the space

he had bled into

black cap sack anorak

collection of lies and automatic 

inside he meant to go naked

but just one day

after his  unexpected  soul


Love forlorn

I move with speed In case

fate forsakes me colliding

earlier words a dead-line

staggering sun on the screen

I walk blind typing

slide my fingers quick to

love you- when

the phone goes dead

Riddle me

a marvellous equation  he is

 I try to unfold a buccaneer sometimes

others a haunting figure

to translate him into my

 made-up man

I can´t resolve the variables across the screen

our fingers have even touched but

they evade me every time I slide into

 a nuance of his

María Castro Domínguez was born in London. She has a book of poetry titled "Four Hands” (A Cuatro Manos) with Jacobo Valcárcel, and has contributed to several newspapers and magazines, including Blaze Vox, Retort, The Argotist, Message in a Bottle, and Bareknuckle Poet, among others. In addition, Maria is a Freelance writer and translator with a Bachelor´s Degree in English Philology.


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