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Mazhun Idris









I could not know her name.

Yet I feel it in my eyes,

When I think of her careless beauty,

That was beneath a lucid look.

She was soul-moistening and sedate.

She struck sadly-pleasing jiggles in my heart.

Did you hear her voice?

She stuffily whistles,

With an O-mouth and a V-tongue.

She rifted my vacuum,

With a weightless air,

That reduced my breath,

Until I see her again.

Mazhun Idris is an artist, born in Kano, Nigeria. In 2012 he authored a collection of short stories, which was published Ahmadu Bello University Press, Zaria, in Nigeria. While attending monthly literary readings in his home

state, Idris presents poems and participate in literary discussions with other writers and the literati. Follow him via Twitter @Poetrify .

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