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Michelle Williams


i love the roar
of nothing

the beautiful sound
they make

pretending love
is a shockwave
one can only

in volume
in haste
in bold


is a thing
you know

is an echo

of erotic

only ~ few

can hear


there is a deeper being
in us all

clarity is a breath

it doesn't last
it never lasts

we love
we sex
we eat

just beneath
the bowels of hypocrisy

pleasure is a flame

still an essence

and there are petals
as rivers they know

do not mistake this heart
this turning

for more than this



how far is distance?

where should the body remain
remake its longing

we are the barriers
between us
and you are the living
note of song


in me

what matters of the now
is only then
as it were

would you crawl to my vulnerabilities?
would you betray the logic in you
to see, to hear
the flesh

would you forget everything
the wind knows
to dance the night
as mistress to the stars

there are lips that part
for such an answer

a disrobing
of contradiction


Michelle Williams is the author of Female (Alabaster and Mercury) and The Nature of Things. She is also an instructor of Taiji, Qigong and the founder of Vocal INKorporated, an organization dedicated to the freedom of expression through poetry, music and art. She is the host of several poetry, art and performance events in the NW Ohio area, including Simply Poetry.


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