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Paula Dawn Lietz



The Drumming Dance 




upon my ear susurrant melodies 

you murmur a vibration 


dance alone dance 


sliding with rhythm the drumming

eases me onto the floor and say dance


dance alone dance


the song played one sung to many

but never as it is now 

you reassure me in your disingenuous voice 


dance alone dance 


did I hear you

I do not know as I was lost in the earth

I do not know as I was lost in the sky 


dance alone dance 


I feel the heat of your palm against my back

the brush of your thigh against my groin


dance with me dance 


cunning your words read like a script 

intimate and directed at me 

am I that vain


no you reassure me no


to my dismay I stray and lose the beat only

to find it two bars down in the sonata darkness 

of a prairie town 


dance alone dance dance alone dance 

to the drumming deep within






Upon Cave Walls and Birch Bark 




Sultry days of summer dim

her last tarnished hurrah cool.

Daring strokes of autumn 

begin to thread slender shades of splendour.


Regal composition of colours, textures 

and astounding knowledge

unequal is this labour of darwinism.

A sense of security in autumns keeping 

we trust as we prepare to travel through 

the dark bit of winter.


Recognition of this survival mode 

a honour many take for granted 

of the endless pathways  behind us

setting the pace for those yet birthed.

We acclimatize to the environment 

the adapting so remarkable its history. 

Physically, spiritually and mentally

the mergence necessary to survive.


Our faith no matter the theories or myths

declare there shall be a spring

or lack of one 

visible in characters or handprint 

laid upon cave walls and birch bark.

A Whisper of Moonbeams




caressing her face

a whisper of moonbeams

distance has no meaning

nor does the fine line between 

lust and love 


she wraps a damp leg 

round his upper thigh

and clenches from within

he cups her breast and lays 

upon the colour of her exclamation 

the hue flushed now a deep rose


against his strength 

she arches 

primitive the sounds 

that escape their lips 

she opens 

and lets him in 

and now everything 

everything is changed 


washed with rain

he holds her 


he holds her

washed with rain 

KNOT Magazine Fall Issue 2014

Paula Dawn Lietz ( Pd Lietz ) is an accomplished multi-genre artist, photographer and poet. 


She has garnered an impressive range of credits working with various publishers and authors, reveling in the creative energy generated within the artist and literary community. 


Her poet's heart shines through

her visual interpretations of the world she sees around her.

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