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Isa Peraldi is a French photographer and a story lover. She dedicated twenty years to writing novels and poetry before deciding to pursue storytelling a different way...with the light. This is how she began the LIL RED PHOTOGRAPHY adventure, which is supported all around the world by lovers of her photography.


She has worked with fashion designers and was published for the first time in GAZELLE MAGAZINE in 2013.  She made her first black and white photography exhibition in December 2013 (“LOVE IS ETERNAL “) and recently, the photo cover of OPIATE, the most recent poetry book of Kristen Scott.


Her photography work is as sensual as it is mystical, she has been inspired by famous poets (Rumi, Eluard, Emily Dickinson…) and painters(impressionists) but also sculptors (Camille Claudel) .


Her world is infinite and the passion she infuses into her photography has no limits.


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