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Saloua Ben Amor

Which Blood is Yours?


He was a decade and a half
Naked, withered
Running away from broken scenes
On his back
A bag full of dreams
And a heart fraught with unpleasant beats
Who said that when we bleed we bleed the same?
Expensive or cheap?
Which blood is yours?
Eaten up by the sea
Washed up like shriveled, sad leaves
Shoeless, voiceless
Thousands like him, but he was a young dream
Which blood is yours?
Expensive or cheap?
Is your land free?
Is your kitchen without an enemy?
Did the wind send you a train of memory?
Which land is yours?



It is like a newborn
Little sleep
Little hope
Stealthy voices find me
When I am not there
Its growling spears know no failure
Stuck in me
Planting agony …


Saloua Ben Amor is a Tunisian educator and holds an MA in Canadian Literature. She is a committed educator and instructor. Ben Amor is known for her translation work in English, French, and Arabic.

Ben Amor will  publish in the forthcoming San Diego Poetry Annual, 2022 

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