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Saloua Ben Amor

Faith Lost Me


They say the night feeds on our faith
it wakes up the bygone
I took my faithless self out
I walked across strange -familiar streets
arrogant homes with mysterious gardens
shimmering, warm, and tender
oozing Jasmine
the scent of the invisible
the scent of the ephemeral
fast and pleasant
it surpassed my steps,
whirling in circles, in lines

and then …
you are finally with me,
your voice resonates
your wanton smell takes over the Jasmine
your empty look of indifference


they are short-lived
At their peak, when it's night,
just like Jasmine


Saloua Ben Amor is a Tunisian educator and holds an MA in Canadian Literature. She is a committed educator and instructor. Ben Amor is known for her translation work in English, French, and Arabic. 

Walls Save You

Walls save you, they say
A window isn’t your name,
Your hair should only see the moon
Cry in your heart
Keep them inside,

The tears
In the kingdom of boredom
Cry in your heart, they say
We can’t stand your voice
This air is too heavy 


Cry in your heart
Walls save you 
Don’t be a fool.

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