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Samantha Terrell





in the moist basement 

of our youth

there was a pool-table 

with its relentlessly obtuse

angles, thwarting 

boredom between 

family meals.  

but the naïve


are short-sighted,

ignoring the warnings that fertility 

exists for Growth. and soon bright

orange and green billiard balls 

would be forever sunken in 

our memory’s pockets; a filled in foundation



why, when clouds 

float by above 

does one see 

butterflies and elephants, 

while another 

conjures up cell phone 

towers, and guns, 

and drones? 


or, are those 

the real things 

in our modern skies 

rather than envisionings? 

and all this time I was told 

we emulate that to which we are exposed


Samantha Terrell is a published poet who resides in Missouri with her husband and two children. She has found homes for her work in: DoveTales by Writing for Peace (Colorado); the Ebola Chapbook by West Chester University (Pennsylvania); and  LaBloga Floricanto (an online publication), among others. 

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