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Silva Zanoyan Merjanian











We danced once

when all one could hear

was rise and fall of people’s dreams in rem

a cricket’s elegy lost in the evening’s  scent

and laughter from life’s junkyard he recycled

in turgid nights with spasms of a gritty hunger


somewhere, rustle of thighs falling sideways

on lies and knives and snap of knees

closing on faux promise of truffles in warm mud

calmed a laugh, scraped a lie off my tongue


he drowned his, in travesty and drugs


we danced

he in his polished shoes

I in bare feet on red tipped toes

reaching almost rim of his mind

burn of strings in dark henna lurching nights licked

to a pale blue in my eyes

his, tightened around his neck, he finally smiled


we danced in his cupped hands

in spittle of poems writ past midnight

in intact fragile shells

till dawn’s nosebleed dripped

on gilt rooftops, bird bones

and cannon’s breath

I tasted morning on his lips

before we wore name-tags in a stampede

lost the music to a final bow in death’s standing ovation 

I hear the applause fading, alone on a stage

wearing a laugh too big for my face

tucked behind measured steps, sliding, sliding…  



Reading by Eabha Rose with music by John Joyce


KNOT Magazine Fall Issue 2014

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian is an internationally published poet residing in Southern California. She released the first volume her poems, Uncoil a Night in 2013 with all proceeds donated to Syrian Armenian Relief Fund. Some of the publications she’s been featured in are; Streetcake Magazine, Miracle-ezine , The Literary Groong, Mad Swirl, The Galway Review, The Artistic Muse, Poet’s Basement at, an international political newsletter, The Oddity, Red Fez, Young Men’s Perspective volume 3, Munyori Literary journal, Ygdrasil, a Journal of the Poetic Arts, and The Orignial Van Goghs Ear. She is proud to be part of the Anthologies ‘The Art of Being Human- An Anthology of International Poetry’, volume 3 and 6. Sagittarius, The Inspired Heart, Editions 1 & 2, a collection of International Poetry by publisher Melinda Cochrane, the Blue Max Review, and Songs For Julia :An Anthology by Julia Priest. Silva was shortlisted for the Fermoy International Poetry Competition 2012, and was invited to Ireland in August 2013 to introduce her book Uncoil a Night. She is invited again to read summer 2014.

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