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from Silva Zanoyan Merjanian´s

                                                Poetry Collection, Rumor




A dyspeptic shadow on highways

in my pockets sweaty fingerprints

assurances, blue inked lint


no rooster’s crow in these streets

only in deep sleep one clutched to chest

spreading tacit rumors at dawn

of October rain’s euphony

raising nostalgia in dry heaves

tremor of promises under four inch heels


dull end of tongues grating truth

in lukewarm baths

maimed fox-tailed backseat drivers

washcloth in hand

veins licked raw on extended necks

nights, slurping myopic gods diurnal grins


I, in narcotic cities immune to mockery or praise

in smell of damp pews, dreams hostage

you, a rumor in euphony of rain




We hold our liqueur ‘tween our teeth

celebrate sisterhood as spit and swear

see our moistened pitted tongues

flick and flatter in daylight

pregnant magnets spinning in flight


we lift and probe with glances, crawl through skin

lipsticked kisses bubble and pop in hazed air

to sink in pinks and luscious reds over raised glasses

acid traces bend bright cherry umbrellas

to hide glare of spiced faces and timid- praise grins


we measure power in galloping breasts

enhanced, reduced, stretched, rounded, supported, bare

they wobble and trounce miles before our voices hound

to hold between our legs knowing smiles

gathered from each others lashed raw backs


we bring our mines to blessed hills with severed sights

flirt within our lips drawn thin over stringed faux pas

we lie in crinoline holding the devil hostage intrauterine

smoldering alone until rivalry rings grow dim

while we kegel our resolve in stories misty and grim


kiss kiss, let’s do this again soon

a lizard licks the last drop of sun off my skin



She remembers fragments

broken in thin lights

city suspended in delicate lies

lounging gods, bouncing tranquil shores

golden rays, stories dancing on limestone

where Pigeon’s Rock once kissed azure waters

and settled in drunk faithfulness


oh how a flirtatious moon

loved spread of silvery thighs on shimmering sea

oblivious drum-beats spilling from yachts

and lovers’ locked gaze heaving under moss-covered walls

stolen kisses rising in giggles to envious skies

caught in olive trees, lining French named streets


but she whispers in shadows of her nights

of another time

when biblical cedars bowed in others’ blood

and clouds wept salted Mediterranean prayers

sanguine vines on alabaster legs

held balconies by one iron thread

terror on tongues wet with warm milk

brought mothers to their knees

doves on rooftops flying in circles

witnessed vultures pecking at cadavers

smell of burning flesh

feel of red shrapnel

sound of explosions

ferment only in her head

yet still deafen thunders

and blind grieving Shapash


she whispers in shadows of her nights

of another time

where once Anath feasted on figs and dates

licked honey off her fingers

rolled ethnic bulging dice

dashing hope and ashes wide



Shapash – Phoenician goddess of sea

Anath – Phoenician goddess of love and war

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian is a widely published poet who grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. She moved to Geneva during the Lebanese civil war after personally experiencing the devastation of her beloved country. She later settled in California to raise her two sons with her husband. Her poetry reflects a little of what she took with her from each city she lived in. The nostalgia for her roots, her Armenian heritage, her deep sense of humanity reduced and elevated at the same time in life’s events, permeate through her poems. Her work is featured in anthologies and international poetry journals. Irish writer and performer Eabha Rose recently read five of her poems; Choices, Rooftop, Doves of Beirut, Suicide and Home which gained international acclaim. Her first volume of poetry, Uncoil a Night, was released in 2013. You may contact her at

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