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Silva Zanoyan Merjanian


Under My Skin


My pen thrust under gordian ribs

you bled in pigments of melancholy

on Egyptian cotton 

thread count in verses of lament



you lay in piles of edit



silence under my skin



rain was merciless that year

digging you from every landfill



you, in jazz of ebrious nights

you, on lips sipid  leftover wine



absence rising to crescendo

your name slavers on repining spring



silence prises terete sighs

I wake a poem slipping through cracks

in quiver of fingers I once kissed  



In Veno Veritas


In debauchery one nostril flared

fulcrum tip at the sparrow's head

mirada ignored

alight on a solo dance


a dare, a missed step, a blushing fall sans grace


come morning

dry tongue smoldered to a name

murmured past midnight

on salted lies

sediments of magnum wine

a buzz in a draft 

maudlin solitas on one side of a four poster bed


milonga of words used to suffice

but for the duende of a night 

soaked in jasmine and French lyrics 

rising with a tremor between strings of a guitar







Are you happy he'd ask

pulling me to him

how can I not be I'd say

this is heaven


with you


watching the Jet d'Eau from our terrace

shoot up 140 feet in the air

and rain down in thousands

of shimmering diamonds on Lake Leman


some forever caught in clasped eyelashes


what would a beautiful lake know

of what I left behind in hell

walked out with a suitcase

his ring on my finger led


Rive Gauche lights, colorful fishnets glistened on the bank

caught in guilt, fresh writhing wet

yet the lake remained stolid


are you happy he’d ask

I would kiss him, yes, yes

carefully circling the edge

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian is an internationally published poet residing in Southern California. She released the first volume her poems, Uncoil a Night in 2013 with all proceeds donated to Syrian Armenian Relief Fund. Some of the publications she’s been featured in are ; Streetcake Magazine, Miracle-ezine , The Literary Groong, Mad Swirl, The Galway Review, The Artistic Muse, Poet’s Basement at, an international political newsletter, The Oddity, Red Fez, Young Men’s Perspective volume 3, Munyori Literary journal, Ygdrasil, a Journal of the Poetic Arts, and The Orignial Van Goghs Ear. She is proud to be part of the Anthologies ‘The Art of Being Human- An Anthology of International Poetry’, volume 3 and 6. Sagittarius, The Inspired Heart, Editions 1 & 2, a collection of International Poetry by publisher Melinda Cochrane, the Blue Max Review, and Songs For Julia :An Anthology by Julia Priest. Silva was shortlisted for the Fermoy International Poetry Competition 2012, and was invited to Ireland in August 2013 to introduce her book Uncoil a Night. She is invited again to read summer 2014.

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