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Illustrations by Children's Book Writer & Illustrator, Tanja Bauerle


Tanja Bauerle is an award-winning children’s book illustrator who escaped from many years in the corporate arena of design to pursue her love for children’s book illustration.  She has illustrated three picture books to date and is continuing to illustrate the “Wright on Time” series. Tanja is currently focusing on developing her own stories.


Originally from Germany, Tanja grew up outside Melbourne, Australia. As a native German speaker, Tanja did not speak English when she first arrived in Australia. She learned the language very quickly because she attended a regular English speaking school. To this day Tanja speaks with a jumbled German Australian accent which many find difficult to place.


Tanja loved growing up in Australia. She was passionately in love with horses and spent most of her free time with her own horse, Calypso.  The hours spent riding alone through the Australian bush remain some of Tanja’s fondest childhood memories. As a result the Australian wildlife and environment hold a very special place in her heart and have found their way into several of her stories.


Tanja now lives near Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, Kevin, her daughters, Isabelle and Zoe, her menagerie of dogs and cats, a multitude of chickens, a horse and two alpacas.  Her backyard exudes happiness, love and inspiration. She is a member of the SCBWI and is always working to improve her craft. In her free time, Tanja loves kayaking and camping with her family and continues to volunteer at a local horse rescue.









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