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Tina Clowes Kay

Cold Separation (love letters)


I waited 

but you didn't show 

still I waited

bitter wind lashed with snow.




I fought with my might

horse beat, defeated gave way

heart sunken 

bleeds, nothing left.




Broken I wept 

Tears lingered, frozen on cheeks, 

Scars remain 

pain goes deeper still.




Those cries curse my sleep

pleas ring in my ears, 

dragged to my feet 

I pull closer to you.




I pray the wind stings

If you should drift, 

should you give up breath

I pray the wind carries you home.


In love


As barriers fall

rose buds blossom

and we too 

fall in love 

no longer looking 

in another’s garden 

the blossom blooms in ours.

Brief encounter


The man behind 

doesn't know

why he turned; 

something caught

his eye and pulled. 


Her radiance

Aroma, allure

pouring from her

as she hurries to meet 

her lover.


Caught in 

sensual thoughts,

sparks ignite

her aura.


Electricity flits 

from her to him 

in a subtle 

but teasing way. 


They briefly touch

as she passes him by


Her, oblivious 

to this encounter

blinded by desire.


Rushing hastily to feel

the love of her life.



she stops, 


wonders why?

the pangs in her stomach

the voice in her head 

confused she refuses to see

the real love of her life

at that moment

was passing her by.

Tina Clowes Kay lives in England and is a mother to three boys and a woolly dog named Daisy. She currently works part time in a school for children with special needs which she finds very rewarding. When she's not working she can be found with her head in a book or walking somewhere within nature, tagging her boys along. Her first book, 'Hues of purple and blue' was published in 2013, her second book, 'The Golden Tree' was released 2014 by Brian Wrixons Books - Canada. Her work can also be found in various anthologies and online magazines, including Red Fez, Mad Swirl and Painted Bride Quarterly.


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